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Children starting their studies

Studying or living away from home

If your child is starting his study or moving away from home, it is important for him or her to remain well insured. Which insurance policies does your child need to apply for independently and which of your own insurance policies need to be adjusted?

Student insurance

Does your child live in student accommodation? Then he or she can take out their own insurance. For students we have special liability insurance, home contents insurance and accident insurance. Easy!

Liability and legal expenses insurance

If you have liability insurance, you can have adult children still living at home or children living away from home who are in full-time education included on your policy. If your child is living away from home, he or she is also covered by your legal expenses insurance as long as he or she is studying full-time. In this case it is necessary to choose for a family composition with children. When your child finishes or quits his of her full-time study her or she needs to apply for an insurance policy himself/herself.

Laptop insured, also outside the home

If your child takes his or her laptop to university or the library, laptop insurance could come in handy, as it also covers laptops and tablets outside the home, even if your child has caused the damage himself/herself.

Annual travel insurance

If you applied for your annual travel insurance after 1 May 2015, all your children living with you and aged 18 or above are also insured. Adult children no longer living at home are only insured if they are in full-time education. If your child is travelling the world or going abroad for longer than 90 days, we recommend that you take out extended trip cover. If your child is travelling outside Europe, make sure you apply for travel insurance with worldwide cover and set the debit card payment profile to World.

Studying and banking

If your child is studying, his or her financial situation may change. Your son or daughter might start working part-time, rent a room or take out a loan to finance his or her studies.

After graduating

Make sure your child converts his or her student insurance to ‘ordinary’ home contents and liability insurance after graduating, so that he or she is well insured against unexpected events. Also check whether additional cover may be needed in this new phase of his or her life, for example if your child is going to move from a student apartment to a new home.