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The war in Ukraine and your banking affairs

Read more and open a current account for Ukrainian refugees


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Manage your everyday banking yourself

Manage your everyday banking yourself

Even in times of corona, you want to be able to manage your banking. Did you know that you can do a lot of your banking yourself online? No need to leave your home. Find out what your options are.

This is how you pay with Google Pay

Pay even faster with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Never worry about forgetting your debit or credit card, with Apple Pay or Google Pay. By simply linking your ABN AMRO digital debit card to your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, or Android Phone you can make quick and safe contactless payments. Use it in shops, apps and online. Read more about the ease of these services.

Contactless payments without your PIN

By making contactless payments, you’re helping slow down the spread of coronavirus. You can now make payments up to and including €50 (instead of the usual €25) without entering your PIN. This means you don’t have to touch the PIN terminal as much.

Expert in Expats

Our experts are more than happy to help you open a bank account, take out an insurance and more. All in English, or in any of the 15 languages that they speak.

Your money can make a positive impact on the world

Your savings can achieve returns through sustainable investments and have a positive impact on people and the environment.