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Your fixed costs at a glance

Insight and easy to cancel

When you think of your fixed costs, the first things that come to mind are probably energy costs, rent or mortgage, and insurance. But subscriptions are also part of your fixed costs. And there are more of these than you might think. Think about the gym, newspapers, streaming services or your accounting software. The ABN AMRO app now gives you insight into your average fixed costs per month. You can also cancel your subscriptions directly. Handy! This way you keep more control over your expenses and you can immediately see where you might be able to save.


Fixed Costs: insight into your recurring expenses

Want to save money? Or simply need more overview? Fixed Costs provides insight into your monthly recurring expenses. Like for instance your subscriptions. This way you know exactly where your money is going.

You can find your fixed costs above your transactions under the 'Fixed Costs' tab.

Cancelling subscriptions in the app

The ABN AMRO app allows you to cancel personal and business subscriptions directly. Tap the subscription concerned and select ‘Cancel’. Select ‘Cancel the subscription for me’ if you want us to cancel it on your behalf. We’ll then ask you for some extra information about you and the subscription. Or select ‘I’ll cancel this subscription myself’ and you’ll be given all the information you need to do it yourself.

How to turn on Fixed Costs in 3 steps


Open Fixed Costs

Log into the ABN AMRO app and go to your transactions. Above your transactions you will see a bar. In that bar, next to ‘in progress and rejected’ and ‘Future’, you will find the tab ‘Fixed Costs’. Open this tab.

Don't see the tab? Then swipe the bar slightly to the left.

Give permission

To see your Fixed Costs, you first need to give permission to ABN AMRO. You only have to do this once. 

After tapping 'Enable insights', follow the steps and give permission in the last step by tapping the yellow button.

View your Fixed Costs

From now on you can see your recurring expenses under the tab ‘Fixed Costs’. It may take a few minutes before they become visible.

Frequently asked questions about Fixed Costs

The Fixed Costs feature provides an overview of your subscriptions and fixed expenses. By fixed costs we mean costs that occur at least once a year, with a clear regularity. If you click on one of the fixed costs, you can see the details. Such as the total amount over a year, the transaction history and the time of the next debit. 

To view your fixed costs, you must first enable the feature in the ABN AMRO app. To do this, go to your transactions and tap the ‘Fixed Costs’ tab in the bar above your transactions. On the page that opens you can give permission by tapping ‘Enable insights’.
You can find your Fixed Costs in the ABN AMRO app. In the app, go to your transactions. Above your transactions you will see a bar. In that bar, next to 'In progress and rejected' and ‘Future’, you will find the ‘Fixed Costs’ tab. Don't see the tab? Then swipe the bar slightly to the left.
You can turn the Fixed Costs feature on and off at any time. To do so, follow these steps: 

1. In the app, go to 'Profile' and then to ‘Permission for additional services'.

2. Tap ‘Permission for additional services' and under ‘Insight’ slide the bar to the right to turn Fixed Costs on, and to the left to turn it off. Is the bar green? Then you can see your Fixed Costs. 
Fixed Costs shows your subscriptions and fixed expenses based on your previous regular transactions. These are recognized by ABN AMRO as a subscription or fixed expense. ABN AMRO is not allowed to view and classify your transactions without permission. That is why we ask you to give permission first. After you have given permission, you will see an overview of your subscriptions and fixed expenses under 'Fixed Costs'. Your permission applies to all your accounts. And you can switch your permission on and off at any time. Want to know more? Then read our privacy statement.
No, you only need to give permission once. Then you can view your Fixed Costs and Predictions.

Frequently asked questions about Subscriptions

We ask you for extra information in the app, such as details of the subscription, personal details, authorisation to cancel and a signature. This is why we’re able to cancel the subscription on your behalf.

If we manage to cancel the subscription for you, you’ll see a message in your Fixed costs. You’ll find Fixed costs above your transactions, under the ‘Fixed costs’ tab. We’ll also send a message if we need more information or if we were unable to cancel your subscription.

We will send the cancellation order as soon as you give your approval in the ABN AMRO app. So this is the date of cancellation. If you had to give notice of cancellation, it will take effect from that date onwards.

You can cancel certain subscriptions in the ABN AMRO app, including those for streaming services or a sports club. But some subscriptions or direct debits can’t be cancelled in the app. These include healthcare insurance, for example, or rent. This is why you won’t see the option of cancelling next to every subscription.

Yes, it’s a free service. It’s just one of the things we do for our clients.