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Future income

Een jong stel ligt in een hangmat en geniet van het mooie weer. Dit willen ze later ook. Daarom starten ze nu al met sparen of beleggen voor later.

Your retirement income

Would you like to continue enjoying the same things later that you are  enjoying now? Or travel the world after you have retired? Whatever your dreams may be, you will need money to realize them.

Your future income

What will be arranged for you?

For each year between your 15th and 65th birthday that you live in The Netherlands, you will build up an AOW pension. Besides this scheme, you will also accumulate pension funds through your employer’s retirement pension plan. What these pension funds will amount to will depend on your salary, the number of years you participate in the collective pension scheme and the type of pension scheme.

At '' you can find an overview of how much AOW and retirement pension funds you will receive when you retire. If this figure is not sufficient for you to achieve your future plans, you will have a number of options in order to supplement your old-age income.


What can you arrange yourself?

If you want to increase the spending power you have after you retire, you can save or invest for additional retirement income. Or lower your monthly expenses. Moreover, you can save on tax by saving through a frozen pension savings scheme or a life insurance policy. The sooner you get started with such a savings plan, the more time you have to build up a significant sum of money for later in life.


Need advice?

Curious about the possibilities for ensuring your income flow after retirement? Please do not hesitate to make an appointment with one of our consultants.

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