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Grip app

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Grip app

Keep track of your finances at all times

  • Breakdown of income and expenditure
  • Transactions categorised
  • Set budgets quickly and easily

Ever wondered how you spend your money? Grip gives you a convenient breakdown of expenditure. Add your ABN AMRO current and savings accounts to the app, and see your income and expenditure broken down into useful categories. 

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Met Grip krijgt u inzicht in uw uitgaven

Understanding your finances

Why is it that your outgoings differ from month to month? Grip categorises your incomings and outgoings, and compares expenditure over different time periods. 

stel een budget in met de Grip app

Set your budgets

If you know what you are spending money on, you also know where savings can be made. You can set a budget in Grip. The app will alert you if it looks like you're about to go over budget.

Stel zelf tags in via Grip

Get the most out of Grip

Grip has lots of features for keeping a close eye on your finances.

  • Set your financial month start date
  • Set a budget for each category
  • Get notifications when you overspend 
  • Tag transactions to group costs by activity

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