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Features of the Grip app

Features of the Grip app

What is Grip?

Grip is an app that helps you manage your finances. The app assigns transactions to various categories. You can also set budgets in Grip, by setting the maximum spend in each category over a given period. And you can set up notifications, for example if you are about to go over budget. Notifications will be sent to your phone.

Who it is for

The app is available to personal customers aged 16 or over, with one or more ABN AMRO current accounts.

Terms & conditions

Grip is subject to the ABN AMRO Grip Terms & Conditions (pdf, 82kB).

Privacy statement

Grip is subject to the Grip Privacy Statement (pdf, 84kB).


  • Grip can be downloaded and used free of charge. 

  • You will need internet access to use the app. Your mobile service provider may charge you for using mobile internet.

What you need

  • You will need an iPhone running at least iOS9 or an Android device running at least version 4.4. The app is not (yet) available for Windows Phone.

  • To register and log in, you use the same current account as that for Mobile Banking/Internet Banking.

Start using Grip

Download the Grip app on your smartphone.

On your smartphone, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for 'Grip'. Select 'download' to install the app on your smartphone.

Stop using Grip

If you no longer wish to use the app, proceed as follows:

  • In the menu, select ‘More’

  • Go to 'Settings'

  • Select 'Delete account'

  • You can delete your account from here.

    Please help, by telling us why you no longer wish to use the app.

You can reach the Preferred Banking Service Centre on 0800 - 0240 714 (toll free).

Contact your Preferred Banker at any time.