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Saving for children/grandchildren

A savings account for your child or grandchild: a nice surprise for later

Would you like to surprise your child or grandchild with some extra spending money? Take a look at the below accounts for kids and choose the one that matches your wishes best.

  • KinderToekomst Spaarrekening

    Save for one of your children or grandchildren - 0.30% interest
    • A great start to your child's future
    • Up to a maximum of 0.30% annual interest

    • Also for grandparents
  • Jongerengroeirekening

    The account for youths up to 18 - 0.05%
    • The account with a lot of benefits

    • Current and savings account in one

    • 0.05%  interest

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Before you know it, it's yours

Save automatically

Sparen zonder dat u er omkijken naar heeft

Make saving easy with Automatic Savings. All you have to do is set up one order to save automatically and set aside a nice sum without even noticing.