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What is a BIC (SWIFT code)?

Each bank has a unique BIC (Bank Identifier Code). ABN AMRO's BIC is ABNANL2A. The BIC code used to be referred to as a SWIFT code. Anyone transferring funds to you from a country outside the European SEPA area will need to use ABN AMRO's BIC. If you transfer funds to someone who has an account with a bank outside the SEPA area, you will need to specify that bank's BIC.

The map to the right shows which countries are in the SEPA area.


What is the IBAN?

Since August 2014, you have been using an IBAN to transfer funds, instead of the shorter bank account number. IBANs have been introduced to make transfers within the SEPA area easier and help make processing consistent across the area.

Hoe zien een IBAN er uit

How to find your IBAN

  • On your debit card (if issued after September 2012)
  • In your account overview on Internet Banking or in the Mobile Banking app
  • At the top of your printed account statements
  • On the new transfer forms (since February 2013)

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