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Liability Insurance

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If you damage something or injure someone


  • For the whole family, including your pets

  • Worldwide, including holidays

  • From € 3.51 /month* and no excess

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What this insurance covers

Liability insurance compensates in full the damage that you or a member of your family does to someone else's belongings. It also compensates accidental injury to a third party. The insurance pays out if you are legally liable. Your own assets are protected. You can take out cover of €1,250,000 or €2,500,000.

Family members and pets are covered

Your family members are covered when you take out liability insurance. So if your kids accidently kick their football into the neighbour's window, it won't cost you a thing. We also consider your pet as part of the family. So if your pet breaks something on your neighbour's property, we'll compensate the damage. Take out this insurance now.


Worldwide cover and low premium

The liability insurance gives you worldwide cover. Liability on holiday is also covered. From €3.51 a month and no excess. You will never pay anything if you accidently damage something or injure someone. Go to the application form.

Are you a student?

The Student Insurance is especially for students. It's an affordable package insurance that includes liability and home contents insurance. You can extend it with Accident Insurance.

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