U bent succesvol uitgelogd.


Sponsoring accelerates equal opportunities

We need to make progress in the world of equal opportunities, which is why we are accelerating equal opportunities for everyone by sponsoring ambitious people, clubs and organisations. We don’t just do that financially, we also use coaching and our network to help them get ahead in sports, art, culture and society.

Supporting the triumphant

The road to success is full of obstacles for tennis players. For some, those obstacles are small, while for others they’re much bigger. But the right drive and support let you overcome anything. As the ABN AMRO Open’s main sponsor and organiser of the wheelchair tournament, we’re creating equal opportunities for all players, on and off the court.

Huddle up for equal opportunities

A new sports season is about to kick off! The pitches are filling up with elite and amateur athletes who all have one thing in common: the drive to win. Unfortunately, this is not accessible to all. For people with a physical or mental disability, participating in sports is not a given. This is why - together with our partners - we have been championing equal opportunities in sport for over 23 years now. Because if we all have an equal start, anyone can be a winner.


The equaliser for women’s football

Female footballers of all ages want to develop in their sport just as fast as the men do, but they unfortunately still often don’t get the same opportunities to do that. It’s an uneven playing field, where some extra support is more than welcome. That’s why we’ve been sponsoring Ajax Women and their ‘Talententeam’ for years now.


Helping female hockey players score financially too

In the Netherlands, 80% of hockey sponsorship money goes to the men’s game, despite two thirds of all hockey players being female. The female players even outperformed their male counterparts internationally in recent years, so it’s really time for a catch-up! That’s why we only sponsor hockey clubs that use at least 30% of the sponsorship money for diversity & inclusion, so that women can soon score just as much financially as men.

Major platform for wheelchair tennis

World-class tennis players deserve a world-class platform, including players who use a wheelchair. That’s why we added the ABN AMRO World Wheelchair Tournament to the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament in 2009. Now a permanent fixture that is here to stay, the Wheelchair Tournament lets wheelchair tennis players give great performances at an international level and gives these world-class players the platform they deserve.

The start of a major impact

We believe that young people with new ideas and fresh energy can change the world. As the main sponsor of the Young Impact organisation, we help young idealists make progress with their idea or initiative for a positive impact on society. After all, we can’t let the fire in them die down due to a lack of resources, connections or expertise.


Dutch Design Week

New problems require a new mindset. And that’s something designers are actually brilliant at. As a Dutch Design Week sponsor, we offer talented designers and their creations a platform, but ask them to also brainstorm on possible solutions to social issues, like sustainability and equal opportunities. Dutch Design can thereby form a bridge leading us to a cleaner and more inclusive society.

We need to make progress faster in the world of equal opportunities. That’s why we sponsor Ajax Women, so they can develop just as fast as the men.

ABN AMRO accelerates equal opportunities for all, by sponsoring ambitious people. Financially, but also by providing coaching.