U bent succesvol uitgelogd.

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Super-fast payments

Instant payments in online banking

Whether you want to buy a second-hand car or sell something on Marktplaats, soon payments will be visible in your account in just five seconds, including after hours, at weekends and on public holidays. Transferring funds is becoming super-fast and remains easy and secure. We call this instant payments or flash payments. There’s no need to worry: these super-fast transfers are free of charge.
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Already making super-fast payments?

Most transfers are already made instantly. This is possible if the bank you’re transferring funds to is also participating. Most Dutch banks are already participating in super-fast payments, as are just over half of European ones. No action whatsoever is required on your part. If just before sending your transfer you see the text ‘With the recipient: Immediately’, you know that you’re making a super-fast payment. Otherwise, you’ll see ‘Within 1 working day’.

Instant certainty

If you want to make an instant payment, you'll be able to see whether the money will instantly reach the recipient even before making the transfer.

Transferring funds 24/7

You will be able to instantly transfer and receive funds year-round.

Making sure

After transferring the money, you will receive a confirmation in a matter of seconds stating that the money has reached the recipient.

Instant payments not always possible

Unfortunately, not all payments can be made super-fast, including:

  • an iDEAL payment;
  • a transfer to an account outside the SEPA area;
  • a transfer to a bank not yet participating;
  • a transfer of more than € 100,000 to a bank outside the Netherlands.