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Your Annual Financial Statement

2016 Annual Statement

Your Annual Financial Statement over 2016 is ready for you to download. As soon as this information is available, the Belastingdienst (tax authorities) will complete your income tax return for you. You can review your pre-completed tax return at the Belastingdienst from 1 March.


What is the Annual Statement for?

The Annual Statement is a summary of your current and savings accounts and of your investments, loans, mortgages and life insurance policies with ABN AMRO. The Statement is useful for checking and completing the pre-filled details on your tax return.

Uw Financieel Jaaroverzicht 2017

Printed version of the 2016 Annual Statement

If you usually receive a printed version of the Annual Statement, you can expect it in the post by late February 2017. You will receive a printed version:
  • If you do not have access to Internet Banking but do have one of the following ABN AMRO products: mortgage, life or endowment insurance policy, bank savings, investment portfolio, term deposit or treasury.
  • If you received all your account statements by post in 2016.


Requesting a copy

If you have mislaid your Annual Statement or wish to receive an additional copy, you can quickly and easily request a copy online or by calling one of our staff on 0900 - 0024. You can also do this for your other account statements. We charge a fee of € 5.50 for a printed copy.

Stop receiving printed annual statements

You may want to download the annual statement and your account statements from Internet Banking in the future, perhaps to help the environment. It is easy to cancel the sending of annual statements. If you and your partner have a joint account, you both need to do so. 

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