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Investing and sustainability

Investing for the future

As an investor, you always look ahead, because tomorrow's opportunities and risks affect the return on your investments. This is why more and more investors are opting for more sustainable investment instruments. Choosing the sustainable option is important for the future of our world and our wallets alike.
What exactly is sustainable investing?

What exactly is sustainable investing?

Sustainable investing is a form of investing that does not revolve solely around financial returns, but also looks at the impact of your investment portfolio. It means that when you compile your portfolio you look for companies that show excellent performance in the domains of people, the environment, and society. 
We only designate an investment as sustainable if it:
  1. Contributes to achieving an environmental or social objective.
  2. Does not have an adverse impact on other environmental or social objectives.
  3. On top of that, the company behind the investment must follow good governance practices. 
In addition to sustainable investments, we also have ESG investments. ESG stands for environmental, social and governance. These investments meet a number of sustainability criteria, but not all of them.

Sustainability and investing with ABN AMRO

Guided Investing

If you choose Guided Investing, you select the Profile Fund that suits you the most. ABN AMRO Profile Funds consist of carefully selected and well diversified investment products.

Portfolio Management

If you have assets worth €50,000 or more, you can use our Portfolio Management service to have a team of investment experts invest sustainably on your behalf.

Self-Directed Investing

You have access to sustainable shares, bonds, investment funds, and ETFs. Select investment funds and ETFs with one click of a mouse and compare them using the Fund Selector.

in conversation with clients

Engagement with listed and non-listed companies about sustainability

Given the large number of clients who invest through us, listed and non-listed companies tend to listen to our opinion. This means that we can exert influence on their decision-making. We do that because we believe that a constructive, ongoing dialogue has a greater effect on sustainable change than excluding companies. This is what we call engagement. In 2021, we engaged with 845 companies on various ESG topics. During these discussions, climate change and gender diversity at board level emerged as two of the key topics.
Sustainable investment strategy

Sustainable investment strategy

ABN AMRO stands for a good investment policy that takes sustainability into account. For this, ABN AMRO uses the findings of external research agencies to determine a company’s ESG performance. ABN AMRO then carefully considers whether and to what extent these companies satisfy the criteria of sustainable investment.

Investing involves risks

Investing involves risks. You could lose (some of) the money you invested. If you are going to invest, it is important that you are aware of this. Invest with money you can spare. Read more about the risks associated with investments.