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What is true about investing?

Common investment misconceptions

With today’s low savings interest rates, more and more people are getting interested in investing. This is because expected investment returns generally far exceed the interest you would earn on money kept in a savings account with a bank. And yet many people are unsure about investing. Are you? Perhaps you have a distorted idea of what investing entails. Keep reading for more about the 5 biggest misconceptions.

The 65 most common misconceptions about investing

  1. 'Investing is complicated, you need a lot of specialist knowledge'

    It is basically just like cooking: you can make it as complicated as you want, but a simple recipe can be just as successful. This is why ABN AMRO offers different investment options. If you have little to no experience investing your money, our Guided Investing service will help you choose an ABN AMRO ESG Profile Fund based on your needs, goals and preferences. Our experienced fund managers will subsequently try to get you the highest possible returns from your chosen fund. More information Take a look at our investment options.

  2. 'You cannot invest small amounts'

    You really don’t need a hefty bank account to try your hand at investing. Investments start from as little as €50. And if you are happy with how it’s going, you could set up a standing order to invest a (small) fixed amount every month through our standing investment option. Whatever amounts you work with, it is important that you set realistic goals and do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. This way, you will minimise the chance of disappointments.

  3. 'Investing is time consuming'

    There are plenty of people who stay on top of the latest stock market news every day and trade shares all day long. If that’s not really your thing or you simply don’t have the time for it, our Guided Investing service will probably be a better fit for you. With Guided Investing, you choose a profile fund that is very easy to invest in and track online. You can change your investment whenever you want. If you have more than €50,000 to invest, you could also choose our Asset Management service.

  4. 'If I invest my money, it will not be readily available any more'

    When you invest, it is important to be patient and not sell too quickly. Investing always involves ups and downs. When you invest for the long term, chances are you will achieve good returns. This does not mean, however, that you cannot sell your investment in the meantime. In fact, in your personal online environment, you can buy and trade investment products whenever you want. You can offer shares and bonds for sale during stock market trading hours. And selling profile funds takes a maximum of 4 trading days. The proceeds from your sale will be paid into your 'Beleggers Spaarrekening account'.

  5. 'I could instantly lose all my money'

    While there aren’t any guarantees when investing, you can still have a great influence on the level of risk involved by designing the right mix of investments. There are high-risk investment products (such as shares), low-risk investment products (such as bonds), and medium-risk investment products. The more aggressive your portfolio, the bigger the chance of your investment gaining in value, or losing value unfortunately. With ABN AMRO’s Guided Investing service, you first set your target return, investment amount and term. And you then choose one of the 5 Profile Funds that best fits your investment parameters.


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