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Investing in the name of a minor

Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to invest. However, as a parent or other legal representative, you can invest in the name of the child. Read here what you should take into account.


Obtain authorisation from the Sub-District Court

You apply for an account for a minor. The law requires that you take the child’s interests into account. Therefore ensure that you have authorisation from a Sub-District Court. Without authorisation your child can hold you liable for bad administration.

We will ask you whether you have authorisation from a Sub-District Court. However, we will not check this.

Please take into account a number of limitations

  • You are not allowed to invest with borrowed money. 
  • You must have sufficient knowledge and experience, and invest the child’s assets carefully. 
  • With Guided Investing you can invest up to and including ABN AMRO Profile Fund 3 (moderately defensive). 
  • With Self-Directed Investing you cannot invest in options or other derivatives. It is also important to spread your investments adequately. 

Please note: investing involves risks. You can lose (a part of) your deposit.

After the 18th birthday

As soon as your child turns 18, we will automatically stop your access to the investment account. From that point onwards, your child is considered to be an adult and able to make their own decisions. Your child can gain access to the account by going to a branch office with a valid ID. Your child then determines what happens to the investments.

Do you want to determine when your child will have access to the investment account? Please ask for the possibilities at one of our branch offices.