New in Grip:

Manage your subscriptions

  • Clear overview of your recurring expenses

  • Cancel your subscriptions in the app, free of charge

  • Whichever bank you are with


Your subscriptions in one place with the Grip app

How many subscriptions do you have?

Watching a series, reading a newspaper, cooking from a meal subscription box... for all of these services, you usually pay a fixed monthly fee. This often amounts to more than you think.

The subscription feature in the Grip app provides a clear summary of your subscriptions. Your recurring expenses then become transparent.


Your subscriptions in one overview

Grip's subscriptions feature not only allows you to view your subscriptions - but also your energy costs and insurance. If you find that you have more subscriptions than you thought, you can easily cancel them in the app, at no extra cost.


Cancelling a subscription

You can easily cancel a subscription in the Grip app, at no extra cost.

  1. Enter your personal information.
  2. Give permission to cancel the subscription.
  3. Confirm with your signature.
You can easily view the status of your cancellation on the subscriptions page.
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