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Valuables Insurance

Vrouw met parelketting is goed verzekerd met de Kostbaarhedenverzekering

Your jewellery insured outside of your home


  • Insured for the purchase price or appraised value

  • Insured outside the boundaries of your home

  • Also for collections


Your valuables insured worldwide

If the total value of jewellery and other valuables that you take or use away from the home is greater than €7,000, Home Contents Insurance will not be sufficient for your needs. Separate Valuables Insurance will provide adequate cover for these items.

New value or appraised value

You can insure your valuables for their new value (for new purchases) or their appraised value. Repairing and refurbishing a valuable object is sometimes more important than replacing it. ABN AMRO compensates the repair costs and the potential depreciation of your property.


Jewellery and laptops covered away from home

With Valuables Insurance, your valuables are insured worldwide as standard, both at home and away from home. Your paintings are even insured en route to and from the restorer.

High customer satisfaction score of 8.1

ABN AMRO customers rate the handling of claims with 8.1.

(Customer satisfaction survey 2013 by MarketResponse)

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