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Insurance when renovating your home

Check your insurance

If you are renovating your home, be sure to let us know for your home contents insurance and home insurance, because cover may be limited. And what if there’s a conflict with the contractor? Will you be covered for legal expenses?

Home contents and home insurance

Make sure you always inform us of a home renovation. During the actual renovation, your home contents insurance and home insurance only provide the basic cover. This means that any damage to your home or possessions as a result of the renovation project will not be covered.

Theft during the project is covered however, provided that there are clear signs of forced entry. So make sure that you keep building materials and furniture safe during the renovation.

Please contact us to let us know you’re renovating your home.

Legal expenses insurance

Home renovations don’t always run smoothly. Conflicts with a supplier or contractor are more common than you might think. In that kind of situation, it helps to have legal expenses insurance with 'Consumer and Home' cover to fall back on. An adviser will help you make all the arrangements and the legal expenses will be reimbursed. That’s reassuring!