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Check your insurance

Are you planning to renovate? Then it is important you report this for your home contents and home insurance, as it might result in limited coverage. And are you, for example, insured for legal assistance should you get into a dispute with the contractor?

Home contents and home insurance

Always notify us of any changes. During the renovation, you are only insured for the basic coverage of your home contents and home insurance. This means that damage to your home or belongings due to a renovation is not insured.

You do have theft cover if you are renovating. However, there must be demonstrable signs of burglary. You must therefore make sure you store building materials and furniture properly during the renovation.

Contact us to report the renovation.

Legal expenses insurance

Not all renovations run smoothly. Disagreements with a supplier or contractor unfortunately often occur. In this situation, legal expenses insurance with ‘Consumer and Home’ cover might come in handy. With this cover, an adviser will help you sort everything out and legal assistance costs will be reimbursed. Easy and convenient!

Planning to renovate your home? Our advisers would be happy to help you

How can you rest, assured that your renovations are appropriately financed? Should you take out a loan or increase your mortgage? Whether the changes you want to make to your home are big or small, our advisers would be happy to provide personalised advice. This will help you make sure that the renovations get off to a good start.