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Pension costs

Would you like to open a Banksparen (bank savings) account, take out life insurance or income protection insurance? You are welcome to ask us for advice. We will tell you immediately how high the advice costs and the fixed handling fee will be. Our current costs and fees are listed below.

Advice fee

We will assess which solution best suits your specific situation and factor in unforeseen events such as disability or death. We charge a one-time fee for this comprehensive advice, which covers one or more advice sessions and a personal advice report.

Retirement planning Retail  Business
Orientation meeting € 0 € 0
Retirement advice € 690  € 1650
Add-on for advice on income protection € 485 € 600
Add-on for advice on other financial wishes (e.g. sabbatical, second house etc.) € 200 € 200

Spreading payments across 12 monthly instalments is possible at no additional charge. Have you paid us for an advice on your mortgage this year? In that case you receive a 20% discount on our advice fees.

Advice fees for advice on capital that will be released in the next 6 months from your Banksparen account or life insurance: € 179.

Handling fee

Opening a Banksparen account, taking out life insurance or income protection insurance with us is subject to a one-time handling fee that covers all the work we put into preparing and administrating your product.

Handling fee (per product)
When you open an Banksparen account online € 35
When you open a Banksparen account via phone or in a branch € 60
When you take out life or income protection insurance € 175

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