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Features ABN AMRO Wallet

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About the Wallet

What is the Wallet?

The Wallet lets you make contactless payments from your Android phone. To do so, you first have to configure your Wallet and create a mobile debit card.

  • The Wallet only allows you to make contactless payments at contactless payment terminals. You cannot use it to withdraw cash from a cash machine.

  • You can download the Wallet on a maximum of 2 devices

Who is it for?

  • All ABN AMRO customers.
  • If you are under 18 years old, make sure you get your parents' permission to use the Wallet.

Terms and conditions

Which smartphones are compatible with the Wallet?

The Wallet is only available for Android smartphones. The device must meet the following requirements:

  • Android version 5.0 or above

  • An NFC antenna

  • Internet connection.
    Note: you can make as many as 10 Wallet payments while offline. For your next payment, however, you will need to be connected to the internet. The app will issue a notification when you have used up your 10 offline payments. 

    The app is not available for the following devices: ASUS ZenFone 2, ASUS ZenFone C, ASUS ZenFone Zoom, Elephone P9000, HTC One M7, HTC One M8 and Huawei Ascend P7.


  • The Wallet can be downloaded and used free of charge

  • Using the mobile debit card won't cost you a thing until 1 January 2019. We will inform you of the new rates in good time. You can stop using the Wallet whenever you wish. To do so, simply open the app and delete your mobile debit card first of all. You will then be able to delete the app.

Wallet code

The Wallet code is a 4-digit code. You choose this code yourself when installing the app. The Wallet code cannot be changed.

  • Payments of over € 25 always require authentication using the Wallet code. For payments of under € 25, you decide whether or not to configure the app to require entry of the Wallet code. You can always change this setting.

  • The total amount you can spend without your Wallet code is capped at € 50. As soon as you exceed this amount, you will be prompted to enter your Wallet code. You cannot change this maximum amount.

What is my daily Wallet spending limit?

  • The mobile debit card in your Wallet can be used to spend a maximum of € 250 per day as standard. This amount is your so-called card limit. You can change this amount and set it to a maximum of € 2,500. To change the card limit for your mobile debit card, please contact us.
  • Good to know: if you start using the Wallet, you will be using your mobile debit card alongside your plastic debit card (Betaalpas). So you will basically have two debit cards, each with their own card limit. You should therefore carefully consider what card limits would suffice for you. Want to change the card limit for your plastic debit card? Do it yourself on Internet Banking or in the Mobile Banking app.

Is the Wallet secure?

  • We at ABN AMRO do our utmost to ensure that payments you make using the Wallet are secure. When you pay with the Wallet, your telephone establishes a secure wireless connection with the payment terminal. This is only possible if your telephone is no further than 3 centimetres away from the payment terminal and your telephone's screen is on.

  • Always keep your Wallet code secret.

Lost your phone with the Wallet or has it been stolen?

Contact us immediately on 0900 - 81 70 (explanation of the rates). We will then proceed to delete the mobile debit card from your phone.

Cancelling the Wallet

Open the Wallet and first delete your mobile debit card. You will then be able to delete the app.

Have questions or need help?

  • If you want to find out more about the Wallet, please contact us.

  • Lost or stolen phone? Report this to us immediately by calling 0900 - 81 70 (explanation of the rates).

read about the benefits download the wallet