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Frequently asked questions about Grip


  • What is Grip?

    Grip gives you a convenient overview of your finances. The app assigns transactions to different categories. You can see at a glance how much of your monthly income you have left. You can also create budgets in Grip, by setting the maximum spend in each category over a given period. And you can set up notifications to warn you, for example, if you are about to go over budget.

  • Who is the app for?

    Grip is for anyone over the age of 16, who has an ABN AMRO current account and who uses Mobile Banking. 

  • What is the difference between Grip and the Mobile Banking app?

    Grip gives you a helpful picture of your overall financial situation, by automatically assigning transactions to different categories and giving the option of setting up budgets and notifications. Mobile Banking is used for transferring funds and keeping track of transactions.

Setting up

  • How do I add or remove an account?

    All of your personal current and savings accounts are included in Grip. You will also be able to select an ABN AMRO Credit Card in Grip, providing it has been activated in Mobile Banking. You decide at the time of registration which accounts you want to use in Grip. You can add the accounts once you have installed the app. In iOS select 'More' - 'Settings' - 'Manage accounts'. In Android select 'Settings' - 'General' - 'Manage accounts'. The same steps can be used to 'deselect' existing or add new accounts at a later date.

  • How do I set up notifications?

    You decide when you want to get a notification. For example, when you make a major purchase or go over your budget. This feature lets you keep track of transactions on your accounts at all times. To activate notifications in iOS select 'More' - 'Settings' or 'General' - 'Notifications'. In Android select 'Settings' - 'General' - 'Notifications'.

  • How do I set my month-start?

    In iOS you can set your month-start by selecting 'More’ - 'Settings'. In Android select 'Settings' - 'General'.

  • How do I add my ABN AMRO Credit Card in the Grip app?

    You can only do this if your ABN AMRO Credit Card has been activated in the ABN AMRO Mobile Banking app. Once this has been done, select 'More' > 'Settings' > 'Manage accounts’ in the Grip app in iOS. Select 'Settings' > 'General' > 'Manage accounts’ in the Android version of the Grip app. You can now add your credit card in Grip (and remove it at a later date, if required).

Income and expenditure categories

  • How does the categorising income and expenditure help me?

    All your transactions are unique. To give you a better picture of your income and expenditure, ABN AMRO automatically categorises your transactions. For instance, you can quickly check how much you have spent on shopping. Transactions that are not recognised by our systems are assigned to the ‘Uncategorised’ category. You can then assign them to one of the existing categories, as you see fit.

  • How do I create my own categories?

    You cannot create your own categories. However, you can reassign a transaction to a different category. Whenever you do this, the app will be able to identify similar transactions, allowing you to add them to the same category.

  • Can I manually change the category used for a transaction?

    Yes, you can do this freely. Simply select the transaction concerned, then the existing category. Now choose a new category, and specify if the category should also be used for similar transactions.

  • How do I assign all my transactions to categories?

    There are two ways of doing this:

    • Select individual transactions that have not yet been categorised, and assign them to a category. To do this, select the transaction concerned, then the desired category. Now specify whether or not the same category should be used for similar transactions.

    • You can help the app categorise transactions by selecting 'More’- ‘Settings’ - ‘Categorise more expenses’. The app will ask you to categorise the seven transaction with the biggest impact on the percentage of categorised transactions.

    Grip will remember the category assigned to a particular type of transaction, and assign future transactions automatically to the appropriate category.

  • Do I have to categorise payments at the same shop every time I make them?

    No, when you categorise a particular transaction type Grip remembers this. The app will automatically assign future transactions to the appropriate category.

  • What is transaction tagging?

    You can use a tag to group particular types of income and expenditure together, for example all travel expenditure. This is done as follows: Select a transaction. Place a check in the 'Add tag’ box in the description field. Then enter a name for the tag.  

    To see a list of all transactions with the same tag, click the tag in a particular transaction or enter the tag name in the search field.

  • Can I assign a transaction to more than one category?

    No, you cannot do this at this moment in time. However, you can tag transactions or change the description in the app.

  • Can I exclude a particular transaction from my financial overview?

    If you wish to exclude a particular transaction from your financial overview, for example a major purchase that does not represent your normal financial situation, select the transaction concerned and assign it to the 'Exclude’ category. The transaction concerned will then be excluded from the charts and from the calculation of 'Left from income'. The transaction will, of course, remain on the list.

  • What are Transfers?

    Transfers between your own accounts are automatically assigned to the 'Transfer’ category. Transfers are excluded from the charts and any calculations. You can also assign transfers to third parties to the 'Transfer’ category.


  • Can I use the app to make transfers?

    No. Grip is designed to give you a breakdown of your income and expenditure.

  • Can I change my identification code in the app?

    No. Your identification code can only be changed in Mobile Banking or Internet Banking, not in Grip.

  • Why can’t I see all of my accounts in the app?

    All of the current and savings accounts you use in the Mobile Banking app are also included in Grip. To add or deselect specific accounts in iOS, select 'More' - 'Settings' - 'Manage accounts'. In Android, select 'Settings' - 'General' - 'Manage accounts'. You can also add your ABN AMRO Credit Card details in the Grip app, providing that you have already activated it in the Mobile Banking app. 

  • How is 'Left from income' calculated?

    ‘Left from income’ is the difference between all income and all expenditure during the period you choose. 'Left from income' tells you how much more or less you have left over in particular month, compared with an average of past income and expenditure figures. 

  • The balance in Grip is different from that shown in Internet Banking and/or Mobile Banking. Why is this?

    Occasionally the balance shown in the app may not correspond with that shown in Internet Banking and/or Mobile Banking. If it does not, the balance in Internet Banking and/or Mobile Banking is the correct figure.

  • Can I import my own records into the app?

    No. Grip categorises your expenditure automatically and does not have a facility for importing records. You can, however, add data from more than one ABN AMRO account. Grip will then combine the transactions into a single financial overview.

  • Can I export data from the app to, for example, Excel?


  • Which ABN AMRO Credit Card details does the Grip app use?

    The Grip app uses the ABN AMRO Credit Card details, as supplied by ICS (International Card Services) to ABN AMRO. ICS is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of your credit card details.

  • How do I exclude my credit card details from being displayed in Grip?

    You can do this by deselecting your ABN AMRO Credit Card in the app (iOS: 'More' > 'Settings' > 'Manage accounts'. Android: 'Settings' > 'General' > 'Manage accounts'.) Once you have done this, your credit card details will no longer appear in the Grip app. The data will no longer be used in any of the app’s features.

  • Which credit cards can I see in the Grip app?

    You can add both an ABN AMRO Credit Card and an ABN AMRO Gold Card to the app. If there is more than one credit card, for example one for your partner, only the principal credit cardholder will be able to add and see the credit card. He or she will see all payments, including those for additional cards.


  • Which version of iOS or Android do I need in order to use Grip?

    You will need an iPhone running at least iOS9 or an Android device running at least version 4.4.

  • Can I use Grip on a Windows Phone?

    Unfortunately, Grip is not available for a Windows Phone.

  • Is Grip also available via Internet Banking?

    No, you can only use Grip on a mobile device.

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