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Advice at ABN AMRO

Advice? What exactly am I getting?

It's nice to be able to bounce ideas off someone when you need to make an important financial decision. The financial advisers at ABN AMRO are happy to help you find the solution that meets your needs best. We will meet with you and take a close look at your personal situation at work and at home, as well as your financial needs, your plans and your wishes for the future. We will also take hypothetical situations into account, such as the loss of your job and even your death. You will receive a clear report at the end of the meeting.


You know in advance how much it will cost

Every financial institution will tell you in advance how much you will pay for advice and what the advice consists of. You will find this information in our proposal and the service brochure. We do not bill advice fees until you sign the proposal and have received the advice. The first orientation meeting is free of charge and non-binding!


What does good advice cost?

  • The non-binding orientation meeting is free of charge.

  • If you agree with the proposal, you will pay a fixed advice fee.

  • If you take out the product after you have received advice, you will pay a fixed processing fee.

  • If you received advice and your financial situation changes, you can request an update within one year at no additional cost.

Do it yourself?

  • If you decide to do it yourself after the free orientation meeting, that's fine too - the meeting is non-binding.

  • You can also take out a product without having received advice. We will tell you about the product, answer your questions and help you apply for it. You will only pay the processing fee.

  • Before you take out the product, you will do the knowledge and experience test. This mandatory test enables you to choose whether you want to take out the product with or without advice.


Advice and costs

What do you want? What do you pay for?
Advice and product You pay for the advice and the processing
Advice only You pay for the advice
Product only You pay for the processing

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