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Savings Deposit

Sparen met een vaste rente en looptijd met een Spaar Deposito

Save money for a fixed interest rate

Spaar Deposito

  • Fixed interest rate and term

  • Choose from several terms
  • Interest per year or per month                               

Fixed interest rate and term

A Savings Deposit (Spaar Deposito) is a savings account in which you deposit money for a longer period of time, or term. You choose the term. The interest rate is fixed during the term. A Savings Deposit can earn lower interest than flexible savings accounts with a variable interest.

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Choose from several terms

You can set the term for your Savings Deposit (Spaar Deposito) to 5 or 10 years. Your money is not accessible during this term. A fee will be charged if you withdraw money during the term.

Annual or monthly interest

When you open a Savings Deposit (Spaar Deposito), you can choose between annual or monthly interest. If you choose annual interest, you can have the interest paid into your savings account and you will earn interest on the interest.

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Save automatically

Sparen zonder dat u er omkijken naar heeft

Make saving easy with Automatic Savings. All you have to do is set up one order to save automatically and set aside a nice sum without even noticing.