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Opening a Direct Savings account

Your child’s very own savings account

Teaching your child about saving money is easier when they have their own savings account, as your child’s savings are then separate from the balance in their current account. What’s more, your child can put money into and take money out of their savings account themselves. Your child can also set a savings goal.


How to open a Direct Savings account for your child

If your child has a Young Person’s Growth Account, and you’ve already added it to your ABN AMRO app, simply open a Direct Savings account for your child in the app and set a savings goal for your child right away.

  1. Log in to your own ABN AMRO app.
  2. Tap 'Self-service' in the bar at the bottom.
  3. Tap 'Discover more products' at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Select 'Savings' and then 'Direct Savings'.
  5. For 'Select account holder', select your child’s account.
  6. Tap 'Next' and read the terms and conditions.
  7. Select 'Open now'.
  8. Let your child set a savings goal

If your child is a little bit older, you can give them access to the ABN AMRO app so that they can set their own savings goal. The ABN AMRO app will help your child get financially independent step by step. You decide what your child can and can’t do with the account, until they turn 18. You can, for example, set payment limits and allow or block iDEAL payments.


5 tips to teach your child to save money

Saving up for later can be tricky for a child. With these tips, you’ll make saving fun and easier to understand, by letting your child set their own savings goal, for example, or by showing them how their savings grow.