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Student Package

Jongen pint geld met zijn bankpas van zijn Studenten Pakket

For students who want to do their banking themselves

Studenten Pakket

  • A debit card with PIN code

  • Discount on credit card
  • 10 free payment alerts per month

The package that meets all your wishes

As a student, you need a bank account. Even if it is only to receive your student loan. But you might want to have a credit card, an insurance or a loan, too. You can have all of that with the Student Package (Studenten Pakket).

Do your banking inexpensively

The Student Package (Studenten Pakket) is free. But that's not the only advantage. Would you like to expand the package with a credit card or an insurance? You can have both at discounted rates.

More information about discounts

Always up-to-date by text or email

If you have a Student Package (Studenten Pakket) you can receive up to 10 payment alerts free of charge. A payment alert is a text or email about a change to your back account. You are immediately informed when your balance exceeds a certain amount or when you receive money from a specific person or company.

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