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Better protected with the payments profile

Controlling your own banking affairs

The security of your payments is our top priority. We can only improve the security of your bank affairs by working closely with you. That is why ABN AMRO launches the payments profile for foreign transfers (Betaalprofiel). This is a new service that allows you to be more in control of your bank affairs. The payments profile for foreign transfers enables you to activate or deactivate the option to do foreign transfers. You can find the payments profile in Internet Banking.


Want to make a foreign transfer?

If you only transfer funds abroad occasionally, to pay the annual rent for your holiday home in France for instance, we recommend that you deactivate the foreign transfer option on Internet Banking. You can then simply reactivate it in the payments profile for foreign transfers (Betaalprofiel) when you need it.


Working together for your security

We recommend to only activate foreign transfers for the period required and only for the current account from which you wish to make a transfer. This way, we are working together to increase security.

Reducing the risk of fraud

Online criminals are increasingly attempting to gain access to your current account, employing various tactics. If successful, they usually transfer funds from your account to an account abroad. By deactivating the foreign transfer option, you are taking away some of the opportunities open to criminals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is changing in my Internet Banking service?

    You can set the various Internet Banking options in your payments profile, which you will find in the Internet Banking menu. Initially we deactivated Internet Banking's foreign transfer option if you have not transferred funds abroad between June 2011 and August 2012.

  • My foreign transfer facility has been deactivated. How can I transfer funds abroad?

    You will need to activate this facility before transferring funds abroad for the first time. You can do so using the Internet Banking payments profile (Betaalprofiel). If you activate the foreign transfer facility, it will take two hours for the change to become effective, due to security reasons. Deactivations take immediate effect.

  • Which Internet Banking setting is the most appropriate for me?

    If you are not planning on transferring funds abroad in the near future, we recommend that you deactivate the foreign transfer facility. You can reactivate the facility when you wish to transfer funds abroad, but should only do so for the period you need the facility for.

  • Why do I need to wait 2 hours before I can transfer funds abroad?

    Once you have activated the foreign transfer facility, you will need to wait 2 hours before you can transfer funds abroad. This is for reasons of security. You will be able to transfer funds once the foreign transfer facility has been activated (temporarily) 2 hours later. Deactivating the foreign payment facility will take effect immediately.

  • Where can I find information about secure banking?

    For more information about secure banking, please visit our website. You can also visit the Dutch Banking Association's (NVB) website on secure banking.

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