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ABN AMRO payment package

What it includes

An ABN AMRO payment package is much more than just a bank account, a debit card and online banking access. Keep reading to find out what else you get with your payment package.

Behind the scenes

Did you know that a debit card has become increasingly smarter over the years? And did you know that thousands of people work at ABN AMRO every day to keep payment transactions secure? Now take a behind-the-scenes look at your bank account.

OVpay: the new way to pay for public transport

Forgot your public transport smart card or don’t have one? Don’t worry. With OVpay, you can check in and out using your contactless ABN AMRO debit card or credit card, or using your mobile phone or wearable device. It’s an easy, secure and quick way to pay for your journey. Read all about how it works and where you can use it.

ABN AMRO pilots

ABN AMRO is constantly developing new products. We want to develop future products for clients together with our clients. Take a look at some of the current products we are testing with users.

ABN AMRO app with 5-star rating

The ABN AMRO app lets you take care of all your day-to-day banking, from checking your balance to transferring money. But it also lets you block or unblock your debit card, adjust limits and log on to Internet Banking.

Paying with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Looking for a convenient, secure and contactless way to pay with your mobile wherever you go? We offer both Apple Pay and Google Pay. No need to bring your debit card.

All payment products and services at a glance

Convenience & service

  • Take care of your banking 24/7 with the ABN AMRO app and Internet Banking
  • The ABN AMRO debit card, current account and savings account
  • Open additional savings accounts
  • Open accounts for your child(ren) at no extra charge
  • Withdraw up to €17,500 in cash at hundreds of ATMs across the Netherlands and the whole of Europe
  • A contact centre that is on hand to help and a 24/7 chatbot that you can ask questions
  • Choose your own PIN
  • Handy and clear digital account statements and an annual statement

Fast and secure payments

  • ABN AMRO app and Internet Banking: secure and easy to install and use instantly on multiple devices
  • Facial recognition and IDTouch to log in on your app, quick and easy!
  • Free transfers within SEPA
  • Easily set up standing orders and schedule payments
  • Free account movement alerts
  • Set up your own payment profile, as well card limits and daily limits
  • Extra protection for your savings with the savings lock


  • Pay with your smartphone (Google Pay and Apple Pay)
  • Withdraw cash with your smartphone
  • Make iDEAL payments by scanning a QR code
  • Call the ABN AMRO call centre from the ABN AMRO app
  • Greater insight into your finances with the ‘Forecast’ and ‘Fixed costs’ features in the ABN AMRO app
  • Option to link wearables to your accounts
  • Open a joint account online

And on top of all that...

  • Our less digitally savvy clients can rely on support from our Financial Coaches, the senior citizens helpline, and our call centre, all to ensure that they can still do their banking securely and easily
  • We work to keep our payment environment secure every day by combating financial crime
  • We are here to help you over the phone when you have questions about and/or problems with your banking
Basic Payment Package

Basic Payment Package

Would you like to take out or make changes to a Basic Payment Package? Log in via Internet Banking to arrange this online. Does it concern a change from, for example, a Student Package to a Basic Payment Package? Then your account number, debit card, PIN and log-in codes will remain the same. Useful, right?