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EasyPay Standard

Betaalpakket met betaalpas

Cheapest payment package

EasyPay Standard (BetaalGemak Standaard)

  • Payment package for € 1.40 a month

  • Current account and debit card

  • Internet and Mobile Banking

Cheapest payment package

You can have a payment package for just € 1.40 a month. With a current account, debit card and Internet Banking. And with the convenient Mobile Banking app, you can always stay on top of things.

As of 1 July 2018 the fee will be changing to € 1.55 per month.

Withdraw money anywhere in the world

Withdraw money, bank online and even pay with one card? You can do all of this with our debit card. You choose your PIN and your spending and withdrawal limits yourself. You also choose a payment profile for foreign countries. The debit card is ready for contactless payment.

EasyPay Standard (BetaalGemak Standaard) consists of

Current account A personal current account for your day-to-day banking needs
Debit card A debit card for payment terminals and cash machines
  • Internet Banking

  • Mobile Banking app


If you would like to have a Credit Card too, choose EasyPay Extra. For just €1.75 a month, you get a Credit Card and the option to open up to five additional current accounts. You also get a discount on additional debit cards, credit cards and the stand-by service. Read more about EasyPay Extra.  

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