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EasyPay Extra

Betaalpakket met creditcard

Your banking tools in one package

EasyPay Extra (BetaalGemak Extra)

  • Payment package for € 3.15 a month

  • Includes a credit card

  • 33% discount on the Stand-By Service

Payment Package with Credit Card

EasyPay Extra is a payment package for all your day-to-day banking needs. For just € 3.15 a month, you get a current account and debit card, Internet and Mobile Banking and a credit card. You can open up to five more current accounts. You also get a discount on additional debit cards, credit cards and the stand-by service.

As of 1 July 2018 the fee will be changing to € 3.40 per month.

Joint account?

If you and your partner are planning to live together or you share a household with someone, a joint account can be handy. A second debit card with EasyPay Extra only costs € 11.21. EasyPay Extra with two debit cards costs € 0.60. If you would like to open a joint account, specify on your application that you would like one account in two names.

EasyPay Extra (BetaalGemak Extra) consists of

Personal current account

Current account for your day-to-day banking needs

Debit card

A debit card for payment terminals and cash machines

Credit Card

An ABN AMRO Credit Card

  • Internet Banking

  • Mobile Banking app


An annual financial overview for your income tax return

Options (no additional cost)
  • Up to five additional current accounts

  • Savings account of your choice

  • 25 payment alerts per month

  • Privé limit Plus (€ 500 minimum overdraft)

  • Second debit card for € 0.60

  • 50% discount on additional debit cards

  • 33% discount on the Stand-By Service

  • Discount on payments in a foreign currency in a foreign country


If you would like to have a Gold Card instead, choose EasyPay Max. You will get two Gold Cards, a second debit card, the stand-by service and interest on your current account. Read more about EasyPay Max.

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