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Features of EasyPay Extra

What is EasyPay Extra (BetaalGemak Extra)?

EasyPay Extra is a comprehensive payment package that consists of current accounts, a debit card, Internet and Mobile Banking and a Credit Card.

For whom?

EasyPay Extra is for everyone from the age of 18 and older.

Terms and conditions

EasyPay terms and conditions (pdf, 642kB)

What does the package consist of?

  • A personal account, which is a current account for your day-to-day banking needs

  • A debit card for payment terminals and cash machines

  • A Credit Card (no additional cost)

  • Internet Banking for online banking

  • Mobile Banking app

  • An annual financial overview for your income tax return

What else can I have?

You can extend EasyPay Extra with a number of options:

  • Up to five additional current accounts

  • Savings account of your choice

  • 25 payment alerts per month (no additional cost)

  • Privé limit Plus (€ 500 minimum overdraft)


  • Second debit card for € 0.60.

  • 50% discount on an additional debit card

  • 50% discount on an additional Credit Card

  • 33% discount on the stand-by service.

  • Discount on payments in a foreign currency in a foreign country


EasyPay Extra costs € 3.15 a month

Apply online

You can apply for EasyPay Extra online. Read the information on online applications.

Questions or advice?

Interested in knowing more about EasyPay Extra? You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0900 - 00 24 (usual calling costs).

You can reach the Preferred Banking Service Centre on 0800 - 0240 714 (toll free).

Contact your Preferred Banker at any time.