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Contactless Payments

An easier and faster way to pay

The new contactless payment option offers an easier and faster way to pay for purchases of up to €25. Simply touch your debit card on the payment terminal. All ABN AMRO customers have received a contactless-enabled debit card. Millions of people worldwide are already using this payment option. It’s the easiest way to quickly pay for small purchases without having to enter your PIN. Watch these video with members of the public (in Dutch) about contactless payments.


How to make contactless payments

Contactless payments are made by touching your debit card on the payment terminal. It’s easier and faster than any other payment option.

  • You can pay for purchases of up to €25 without keying in your PIN.
  • For payments over €25, you will always be required to enter your PIN.

Needless to say, you can also still use your card for regular PIN payments.

The benefits

  • This new paying method is fast and easy for small everyday purchases and means you no longer have to carry cash. 
  • No more long waits at the till.
  • No need to insert your debit card into the payment terminal. And therefore no more forgetting to take out your card.
  • The amount will instantly be debited from your account.


How do contactless payments work?

The payment terminal constantly emits a signal. Your new contactless-enabled debit card will automatically respond to this signal, establishing the connection needed for a contactless payment transaction. Want to see how contactless payments work and what our customers think about it? And are you interested in how secure this new method is or what happens if your card is lost or stolen? Watch the video to see how it works (1:30) (in Dutch).

Or watch our video on Facebook (16:42) (in Dutch) to hear our experts explain how it works and answer questions about contactless payments and how secure they are.


Where are contactless payments accepted?

You can make contactless payments when you see the logo shown here on the payment terminal. More and more retailers across the Netherlands accept contactless payments, including shops at NS train stations, various retail chains and supermarkets such as Albert Heijn and Jumbo. Many retailers now accept contactless payments abroad as well. The number of locations where you can make contactless payments is growing rapidly.

Are you an entrepreneur and interested to find out how contactless payments can benefit your business? Read this item about contactless payments for entrepreneurs (in Dutch).

Met uw nieuwe ABN AMRO betaalpas kunt u contactloos betalen

Secure payments

 Needless to say, contactless payments are secure. Card security does not depend on how you insert the card into a payment terminal or touch your card on it.

Using your PIN?  Always keep your codes secret and make sure no one can look over your shoulder and see you enter your PIN on the payment terminal. Criminals can only use your card if they know your PIN.

If your debit card is lost or stolen and has been used to make small payments without entering the card’s PIN, we will normally reimburse the amount debited. This is not subject to the normal €150 excess.

Only in exceptional cases will we not reimburse, such as if you knew your debit card had been lost or stolen but failed to have the card cancelled right away. Or if you could have known your debit card would be used for fraudulent purposes.  

Also take a look at our Payment Services Terms & Conditions (pdf, 72kB).


Protective sleeve

Although it is highly unlikely, it is technically possible to read your bank account number off your card if it is not kept in a protective sleeve. Nothing more. It requires the use of special equipment, but it is possible. Mind you, getting hold of your bank account number will not enable anyone to withdraw money from your account. And without any further details it is not possible to use your account for fraudulent purposes either. Still, if you’re not entirely comfortable with it, you can pick up a free protective sleeve from any of our branches. Just remember to take the card out of the sleeve when making a payment.

Is it possible to enable or disable contactless payments?

Disabling or enabling contactless payments on your new debit card is not possible. But if you, for any reason, do not wish to use the contactless option, we can send you a different card. To switch cards, please visit one of our branches or call 0900 - 00 24 (usual call charges apply).


  • Can I make unlimited payments without using my PIN?

    No. You can only pay for purchases of up to €25 without entering your PIN. You can also make larger contactless payments (up to your debit card’s limit), but you will then always be asked to key in your PIN. Aside from that, there is a maximum amount you can spend using successive contactless payments. This maximum amount is currently set at €50.


    Let’s say you buy a €25 book and pay without entering your PIN. Immediately after this purchase, you head down to a florist and buy a €15 bouquet of flowers, again without entering your PIN. After that, you buy a snack and a drink for 2, which costs a total of €12.50. When you touch your contactless-enabled debit card on the payment terminal to pay for the snacks and the drinks, you will be asked to enter your PIN. This is because your purchases of €25, €15, and €12.50 add up to a total of €52.50, and therefore exceed the €50 maximum. You can therefore make no more contactless payments. For the third payment, you will have to insert your debit card into the payment terminal and enter your PIN to pay. After you have paid using your PIN, you will be able to make contactless payments again.  

  • Do I have to pay for the new debit card?

    No, your new debit card is free of charge.

  • Do I have to return my old debit card?

    Never send your old debit card in the post! Please cut your old debit card in half, throw it in the bin, or hand it in at one of our branches.

  • Can anyone intercept my payment?

    Someone with fraudulent intentions could, using special equipment, intercept information during the brief contactless payment transaction. They could pick up the amount paid, the currency code, the date, the payment terminal number and the bank account number. 
    The chance of this happening is very small. So far, it has never happened. It must be noted, however, that the kind of information a fraudster could intercept will never enable them to make payments from your account.

  • Can I use my debit card to pay remotely?

    No, you can only pay when you hold your debit card within a few centimetres from the payment terminal.

  • How does the technology behind this new debit card work?

    Your new debit card contains an NFC (Near Field Communication) antenna. A payment is made when the NFC antenna establishes a connection with the payment terminal. Communication between the NFC antenna and the payment terminal is possible only over a distance of a few centimetres between the debit card and the payment terminal.

  • Could my contactless-enabled debit card interfere with other cards such as my public transport smart card and vice versa?

    Yes, it could. Both these cards use the same NFC technology. Sometimes, the terminal will not 'know' which NFC signal to read. When this happens, you will notice that the debit card or smart card (such as the public transport smart card) doesn't work. You should then take the debit card out of your wallet or purse and touch it on the payment terminal.

  • What do I do when my debit card is lost or stolen?

    • Cancel your card immediately on Internet Banking or in the Mobile Banking app. As soon as you have cancelled your card, you can request a replacement card, also on Internet Banking and in the Mobile Banking app.
    • If you use the Stand-By Service, call 0800 - 07 01 (free for Stand-By Service customers) or  +31 20 651 59 27 from outside the Netherlands (collect calls accepted).
    If your debit card is lost or stolen and has been used to make small payments without entering the card’s PIN, we will normally reimburse the amount debited as per our Payment Services Terms & Conditions (pdf, 72kB). This is not subject to the €150 excess specified in these terms and conditions.

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