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Current accounts and packages

Choose the account that is right for you

Choose the account that is right for you
The EasyPay Packages (BetaalGemak) are comprehensive packages that cover all your banking needs. There are packages tailored to the special needs of youths and students, and for doctors, we have the special Medical account (Bankrekening Medisch).

  • EasyPay Standard (BetaalGemak Standaard)

    Current account, debit card and Internet Banking
    • Payment package for € 1.40 a month

    • Current account and debit card

    • Internet and Mobile Banking

  • EasyPay Extra (BetaalGemak Extra)

    Included credit card and extra current accounts
    • Payment package for € 3.15 a month

    • Includes a credit card

    • 33% discount on the Stand-By Service

  • EasyPay Max (BetaalGemak Max)

    Gold card, Stand-By Service and interest on one current account
    • 2 Gold Cards & 2 debit cards

    • Interest on one current account

    • Stand-By Service

  • Jongerengroeirekening

    Youth Account: current account and savings account in one
    • The account with a lot of benefits

    • Current and savings account in one

    • 0.10%  interest
  • ABN AMRO Betaalpas

    Debit card: pay and withdraw money anywhere in the world
  • Studenten Pakket

    Student Package: free package for all your banking needs
    • A debit card with PIN code

    • Discount on credit card
    • 10 free payment alerts per month

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