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Using your credit card

What would you like to do with your credit card?

Have you just received your credit card and need to activate it? Or have you had a credit card for some time and just have a question about it? The below describes how to activate your credit card and may provide the answer to your question. In most cases, you will find the answers on the Creditcard Online website.



The credit card is blocked when you receive it. This we do to prevent misuse. To activate your credit card (or, in fact, to unblock it), you need the letter with the activation code.

Activate ABN AMRO MasterCard

Activate replacement card

Select PIN


You should block your credit card immediately if it gets lost or stolen. Call International Card Services (Loss & Theft department) at +31 20 660 06 11. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Block your credit card

Report misuse with your credit card



If your credit card has been damaged, apply for a replacement card. You should also apply for a replacement card if you have lost your credit card or haven't received your new one yet.

Change the limit

The ABN AMRO MasterCard and the ABN AMRO Gold Card have a default limit, which you can request to change.

Change the limit on your credit card


How to pay your monthly bill

All of the payments you make with your credit card are automatically debited from your current account at the end of the month.


Would you like to cancel your credit card? It usually takes about one month to process the paperwork. You cannot cancel your credit card if it has an open balance.


  • Where do I find the CVV code?

    The CVV code is a code that guarantees the safe use of your card. CVVC stands for Card Verification Value Code, and is also known as CVC or Card Verification Code. The 3-digit code is on the back of your ABN AMRO credit card next to the signature strip. The CVV code minimizes the risk of misuse for post order, telephone and internet transactions.

  • When do I pay interest?

    International Card Services (ICS) does the administration for your ABN AMRO credit card. If you settle the open balance within 21 days, you will not pay any interest. If you do not settle the balance within 21 days, you will pay interest over the open balance.

  • How can I transfer money with my credit card?

    You can transfer money from your ABN AMRO credit card to your bank account through Creditcard Online. Log in and click the tab 'Transfer'. If your balance is sufficient, you will not pay any interest. If your balance if not sufficient, you will start paying interest immediately.

    Do you have an ABN AMRO MeesPierson (Gold) Card and would like to transfer money? Contact your private banker.

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