Wat vindt u van onze dienstverlening?

Your thoughts on our services

Help us to make our services even better

You can share your opinions with us in a number of ways. Complete our feedback form or join our feedback community. Alternatively, you could receive an email invitation from a market research firm, for example, after speaking with one of our advisers.

Share your opinion

  1. Give us your feedback

    Click the 'Feedback’ button located on the right-hand side of the web pages at abnamro.nl and enter your tips and suggestions. The feedback you give here is anonymous. This means that we are unable to reply to each response individually.
  2. Join our community

    Join our ABN AMRO Feedback Community and help us shape our services. You will then receive a brief questionnaire by email or in a special app roughly once a month. Your answers will always be processed anonymously.
  3. Complete the market research questionnaire

    If you have been in touch with one of our advisers, a market research firm such as Medallia (abnamro@express.medallia.eu) may contact you to ask you to share your opinions.

What we have already done with your feedback


Who carries out research into ABN AMRO's services?

We do this in collaboration with various research firms, who act as our partners for customer experience evaluation and feedback processing. Needless to say, they all abide by current legislation and the code of conduct compiled by the relevant trade association. This means that they will handle your details with due care and confidentially. Your replies will be sent over a secure connection and you will never be asked to provide any of your financial details.

One of the firms we work with is Medallia (you will receive an email from abnamro@express.medallia.eu), while Expoints B.V. runs customer satisfaction surveys for ABN AMRO Verzekeringen, after a claim has been processed for instance. In this case, you will receive an email from abnamroverzekeringen@expoints.nl.


Fake emails

Any emails you receive requesting your PIN code, for example, are phishing emails. Please note that ABN AMRO employees will never ask you for these codes, not by telephone, nor by email, text message, WhatsApp or on social media. Never click any links or attachments in such emails. Please forward the email to: valse-email@nl.abnamro.nl.