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Using personal data, with or without your consent

In most situations where ABN AMRO uses your personal data, there is no legal requirement for you to give your consent for this.


In those situations, we use your personal data because:

  • this is necessary because of the contract we have with you. This is because we need personal data relating to you for the conclusion and performance of the contract.
  • the law states, for example, that we must use your personal data to identify you as a client.
  • the bank or a third party has a legitimate interest in this, for example in the case of fraud prevention or if we want to send you a message about secure banking.

Sometimes, however, we are required to ask you for your consent. In such situations, we explain what we will use the personal data for before you provide us with your personal data. Before you give consent, we recommend that you carefully read the information we provide concerning the use of your personal data. 

If you have given consent and you want to withdraw this consent, you can do that very simply. For example, you can find information on how to do this in the form or app that explicitly requested your consent. 

In which situations do we ask you to give consent? We will in any event ask you to give consent in the following situations:

  1. When we use biometric technologies, such as facial recognition for identity verification. 
  2. When a third party asks for access to your payment details and account information so that you can use an external service such as a payment service. You must first give consent to the provider of that service and then confirm to us that this party is to be given access to your account information at ABN AMRO. When you want to add your accounts with other banks to ABN AMRO Internet Banking, the ABN AMRO app or the Grip app.  
  3. When we place cookies and similar technology on our websites and/or in apps in order to make you personalised offers. For more details, see our Cookie Statement
  4. When we want to send you commercial messages about products or services from one of our partners, for example in the context of doing business sustainably.  You can read more about this under "Tips and offers".
  5. When we send you commercial messages based on your individual payment details. You can read more about this under "Tips and offers".  
  6. When we make use of automated decision-making and profiling and the law states that we require your consent for this. 

Important information:
In certain situations we do not ask for your consent. This is the case if we require your personal data to comply with the law, if a legitimate interest exists, or if this is necessary in the context of the contract that we conclude with you. In such cases, however, you may submit an objection.