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Who do we share your personal data with?

There are situations in which we need to provide your personal data to other people and organisations involved in the provision of our services. These are described below. If you transfer money to another bank, your personal data will also be used by that bank to process your payment instruction.

Our service providers

We work with other companies that help us provide services, such as the IBAN Name Check service. This is referred to as outsourcing. We are not permitted to pass your personal data on to them without good reason. There are rules that banks must comply with. We carefully select these companies and reach clear agreements with them on how they are to handle your personal data. We remain responsible for your personal data. 
Transaction Monitoring Netherlands (TMNL) was jointly established by several Dutch banks in order to tackle financial and economic crimes more effectively. TMNL helps ABN AMRO to improve the detection of financial crime and terrorist financing. Combined transaction monitoring by TMNL began in 2021. Currently, this only concerns payment transactions (including business payment transactions). It is possible that, in time, all transactions processed by the participating banks will be monitored by TMNL. More information can be found on the TMNL website
Sometimes we engage other parties that also provide services, such as lawyers, auditors or bailiffs. These parties bear their own responsibility for their use of your personal data.


We also work with intermediaries. It is therefore possible that you have a mortgage with us, but you took it out through a mortgage broker. This intermediary processes your personal data and is responsible for how it uses your personal data. Please visit the intermediary's website to find out how it handles personal data.

Competent public authorities

Our supervisory authorities, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service and other national and international public authorities may ask us to provide personal data relating to you. The law specifies when we are required to provide this data. Persons employed in the financial sector are bound by the disciplinary law for banks in the Netherlands. Personal data may be provided to Stichting Tuchtrecht Banken in the context of disciplinary proceedings.

Financial services providers

Do you want us to give your personal data to other providers of financial services, such as a business that offers a specific financial service through an app? This is possible if you give your consent first. We will then be required to provide your personal data to these third parties. We are not responsible for how these third parties handle your personal data. 
If you share your personal data with other parties yourself, for example by making use of means of payment offered by other parties, we are not responsible for how those parties use your personal data. The privacy statements of those third parties apply instead. 

Potential portfolio buyers or investors

We may also transfer personal data to other parties if we contemplate transferring our legal position in relation to you to a potential buyer or investor. We do this, for example, if we want to sell your loan (so that the other parties can make decisions regarding the transfer) or if we sell a business unit of ABN AMRO (so that the other parties can make decisions regarding the acquisition). This is a legitimate interest of ABN AMRO Bank and it enables the acquiring party to comply with its legal obligations, for example. 
Once this party has become the party to your contract as a result of, say, a purchase or acquisition, that party will be the new controller and will therefore be responsible for the personal data it processes in relation to you. You can contact this party if you have questions about how it handles your personal data. We may need to keep some data relating to you, for example so that we can comply with legal obligations or for research or statistical purposes. 

Business partners

From time to time we work with other parties, for example as part of our sustainability strategy or in order to enable mobile payment. In such cases, we always check first whether sharing information with business partners is permitted. 
Sometimes we share joint responsibility for the use of personal data with a business partner (joint controllers). We reach agreement with these parties on who plays what role, and how we jointly safeguard your data protection rights. 

Other banks or entities involved in payment transactions or making investments

We provide necessary personal data to other banks or parties involved in payment transactions. If you invest through us, we will also provide your personal data to parties that are involved in making the investments.