Your investments and the SDGs

Your investments and the SDGs

If you invest sustainably with ABN AMRO Portfolio Management, you can see in the quarterly reports how your investments contribute to achieving the SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals. In 2015, these goals were drawn up by countries affiliated to the United Nations, including the Netherlands.

For progress to a better world

In total, there are seventeen goals that are closely related to each other. Each goal has underlying targets that help measure progress towards a better world by 2030. The SDGs are the blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for everyone. They address the global challenges we face. The aim is therefore to achieve the goals by 2030.

SDGs in your report

In every quarterly report we discuss one of the 17 SDGs. That way you are more informed about the content. We also show how your portfolio contributes positively or negatively to a better world and how the portfolio scores on the 15 sustainability goals set by ISS Oekom Research.
Your investments and the SDGs

15 measurable sustainability categories

Our data supplier, ISS Oekom Research, has derived 15 measurable sustainability categories based on the above SDGs. These 15 goals are divided into 7 social and 8 environmental goals. On the one hand, the ISS Oekom method maps the assessment of the share with a positive or negative impact on these goals. On the other hand, it enables investors to assess the impact of the investments on the SDGs themselves.
Focused on high dividends

Want to invest your money sustainably?

Interested in sustainable investing? For the ESG Fund Mandate, our asset managers select investments that stand out for their sustainability and their financial returns.

Investing entails risks

Investing entails risks. You could lose (some of) the money you invested. If you are going to invest, it is important that you are aware of this. Invest with money you can spare. Keep a buffer for unforeseen circumstances.