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Portfolio Management fees

Portfolio Management fees

With ABN AMRO Portfolio Management, a large number of people work behind the scenes for you, in addition to your asset management specialist. This is covered by the fees you pay. In the following, we will provide a breakdown of those fees.


Fees that you pay to us

You pay a management fee for ABN AMRO’s investment service. This management fee covers almost all costs that ABN AMRO incurs in providing that service, i.e. costs incurred to manage and administer your portfolio and to provide you with information. Euro transaction fees are included in the management fee. We charge a separate exchange fee for transactions in currencies other than the euro. The information sheet provides more information about these fees.

How much you pay in terms of the management fee depends on your risk profile and the portfolio management mandate you have chosen. Read the costs per mandate via the links below.

Fees that you pay to third parties

You pay a fee for investment funds run by external fund managers. Some of the funds are run by ABN AMRO, in which case ABN AMRO is also the fund provider. You pay a fee to cover an investment fund’s expenses, such as their ongoing expenses. These include administrative expenses, management expenses, marketing expenses and distribution expenses. The fee to cover these expenses is included in the investment fund’s price and set by the investment fund. The ongoing fees are listed in the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) for the relevant investment fund.

Other examples of fees you pay to third parties include the transaction fee to the fund, entry and exit fees, and swing price. Please note: there may be more fees. If there are, these will be listed in the Key Investor Information Document for the product in question.

Check the fee sheet

For comprehensive information on Portfolio Management fees, please check the fee sheet.

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We can discuss your options with you, no pressure, no obligations

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