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Placing an order for Guided Investing

Do you want to buy or sell investments with Guided Investing? Here we show you how to place an order via Mobile Banking or Internet Banking in just a few steps.


Before you place an order

  • Make sure there is enough money in the settlement account from which the orders plus service costs are to be deducted. 
  • Do you want to set up a periodic order? Then there must be enough money in the settlement account for every period. The linked settlement account is usually the Investment Savings Account or your current account, which you will find in your account overview. Placing a periodic order is only possible for the purchase of investment funds and only via Internet Banking.


Can't see your investment account? Then go to 'Profile' and click on 'Set up your Internet Banking account overview'. Is your Investment Account and/or Investment Savings Account under the heading 'Not visible in the overview'? Then drag it to 'Visible in overview'.