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What is a complex investment fund?

The majority of the investment funds in which you can invest with ABN AMRO are non-complex investment funds. These investment funds must comply with regulations for the legal protection of investors and are supervised by local regulatory bodies.


Another, less common category are complex investment funds. These investment funds have more freedom in making investment choices and can, in addition to listed shares and bonds, also invest in:

  • Commodities
  • Impact investments, such as microfinance
  • Direct real estate
  • Private equity.

What you should know about complex investment funds

Investing in complex investment funds carries additional risks compared to non-complex investment funds:

  • For example, there are less strict rules that complex investment funds must adhere to. As a result, there is less legal protection for investors in complex investment funds. 
  • Complex investment funds can often use special strategies that non-complex investment funds are not permitted to use.
  • Complex investment funds cannot always be traded on a daily basis, but for example only on a predetermined day of the week or month. 
  • With certain complex investment funds, orders are only possible above a certain amount. 
  • The underlying investments of complex investment funds can be difficult to trade. Consider unlisted investment products and direct real estate (the bricks), for instance. As a result, the complex investment fund itself can also be difficult to trade or only at prices that are far too low or too high.
  • The prices of the underlying investments can move quickly. As a result, the price of the complex investment fund itself can also move quickly. We also call these rapid price movements high volatility.

This is how you invest in complex investment funds

If you invest independently with ABN AMRO, you can only invest in complex investment funds with the investment method Self Directed Investing Plus. 

Investing in shares with ABN AMRO


Self Directed Investing Plus

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