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Technical analysis versus fundamental opinion

Technical analysis versus fundamental opinion

Superman or Batman? The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? There is often debate about who is the best. In the investment world, for instance, there is often a battle between supporters of technical analysis and fundamental opinion. Get acquainted with both movements and judge for yourself.


The features in short

Fundamental opinion Technical analysis
Gives you information on... Gives you a lot of information about the share. No information, only looks at price data.
Helps you with... Helps you with your choice to buy, hold or sell shares. Helps you choose the time to buy or sell.
Is done by... Is done for you by experts. You can do it yourself in My Dealingroom.

What is fundamental opinion?

Fundamental opinion is an investment method in which an investor tries to predict the future price development of a share. Such a prediction is based on an analysis of business data. It is also often referred to as fundamental analysis. Investment analysts research a lot about the company, such as market exploration, research into business operations and analysis of local and international circumstances. All this data results in an opinion about a share: buy, hold or sell.

What can you do with fundamental analysis?

The experts at ABN AMRO also carry out fundamental opinions in collaboration with specialised parties. Through this, hundreds of opinions about listed companies are available to you in Internet Banking. Besides the ‘buy, hold or sell’ advice, a fundamental opinion contains a lot of data and an analysis of, among other things, the strengths and weaknesses, the risks, the growth opportunities and the profitability. This allows you to build up a lot of knowledge about the share, sector or region in which you are interested.

This is how to find the fundamental opinions at ABN AMRO

Log in and go to your investment account. Click on ‘New order’ and choose the share you are interested in. You will find the ABN AMRO opinion at the bottom of the share details page. Can you see “Not available for this product”? Please wait a little bit, it will take a few seconds for the opinion to appear.

What is technical analysis?

Technical analysis is an investment method that tries to predict the trend on the stock market based on historical price charts and calculation models (indicators). Statistical data such as historical price movements and volume is used for this. By discovering patterns in the data, the proponents of technical analysis think they can make predictions about the possible price developments in the (near) future.

Best of both worlds?

When choosing your shares, you obviously want to know what is going on in the company and in the sector. Fundamental opinion helps you choose which shares to buy, hold or sell. Naturally, you also want to know when it is a good time to buy or sell. And technical analysis can support you in that. No one can predict how high or how low a price will be in some time. However, patterns in investor behaviour can sometimes be discovered. You can take advantage of this with technical analysis.

In Superman and Batman movies, there are fans with strong preferences. However, many people simply enjoy both. Therefore, we invite you to explore fundamental opinion and technical analysis. And use these in the way that suits you.