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Do I have to be an expert to invest well?

Do I have to be an expert to invest well?

Fortunately not. If that were true, investing independently would only be suitable for few people. You can start with the right basic knowledge. Moreover, you can use the knowledge of experts inside and outside of ABN AMRO.


What do you mainly need to know?

The most important thing to know is that investing involves risks. Your investments can go up in value, but also down. If you want to make money quickly by buying and selling shares, this carries the greatest risk. We do not call this investing, but trading or speculating. You can make sure that your risk is better spread. This gives you a better chance of a long-term return.

First, set a goal

Developing a good plan or strategy always starts with a clear goal. Then you can determine how much capital you need to achieve that goal. With a clear goal you are more motivated to implement your plan. At least once a year, check if your goal is still the same. Do this for major changes in your personal situation as well, such as the birth of a child, retirement, divorce or long-term illness.

Do you want to know how much time or money is needed to reach your goal? Then do a calculation using the tool on the information page about Self Directed Investing.

There are more investment options than there are Dutch shares

In the Dutch media much attention is paid to the Dutch stock exchange and the index of this stock exchange: the AEX. Fortunately, with Self Directed Investing Basic you have more investment options, such as foreign shares, investment funds and ETFs. Through investment funds and ETFs you have access to many foreign markets and sectors. Investing across a variety of investment categories, regions and sectors will help you spread your risk better.

Watch the costs

Investing also involves costs. These costs affect the return on your investments. You pay service costs and transaction costs (per order). When buying or selling investment funds, you do not pay any transaction costs with Self Directed Investing Basic.