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How to buy a house in the Netherlands

How to buy a house in the Netherlands

Ask Susan, Expert in Expats.

If you have been in the Netherlands for at least six months, buying a house could be advantageous. Would you like advice? The experts at our International Client Desks are happy to help. Watch the video (01:23)


Why buy a house?  

Because you feel more at home in a new country if you live in your own house. It's not only nice to have your own place, it also has benefits. Buying is often cheaper than renting. And as an expat, you are entitled to certain tax benefits.

What kind of mortgage is best for you?

You can choose from three types of mortgages, such as a mortgage in which you only pay back 100% of the total sum, or a fixed monthly amount that includes interest and loan payments. All options have advantages and disadvantages, as well as certain tax benefits. Our colleagues are happy to help.


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Free event Buying a House in the Netherlands

Do you want to learn more about buying a house in the Netherlands? During our free events we will give you all the information you need about buying a house. Check the event calendar to see which event is closest to you.


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