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Term Life Insurance

Gezin op strand heeft financiële zekerheid door de Overlijdensrisicoverzekering

Security for your surviving relatives


  • Sharp premium

  • Ample medical exam limits
  • Immediate temporary insurance up to € 160,000.

Biljetten van honderd euro

Security for your surviving relatives

Term Life Insurance is the equivalent of ABN AMRO's Overlijdensrisicoverzekering, which is also known as Risicoverzekering. Our Term Life Insurance gives you peace of mind and provides security for your surviving relatives. Should you die before the insurance matures, your beneficiaries will receive the sum you insured. You know that they will be OK.

For your studying children or your mortgage

Like most people, you're probably interested in taking out a term life insurance so your surviving relatives have the same amount of money at their disposal after you die and can pay off (some of) the mortgage and won't have to move, or so your kids can continue going to school.

Sharp premium and flexible acceptance process

BN AMRO's Term Life Insurance has a sharp premium, and you can relax as soon as you've submitted your application because you are immediately insured temporarily for € 160,000.

Take out the insurance with or without advice

Would you like to take out a term life insurance now, or would you prefer to speak to one of our advisers first? Make an appointment by telephone or come to one of our branches.

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You already have a Term Life Insurance?

The premiums for term life insurances have fallen steeply in recent years. This is because we're getting older and living longer. You may be paying a higher premium for your current term life insurance than you would if you took one out now. Would you like to know what your premium would be now (in Dutch),  or would you like more information? Read 'You already have a term life insurance' on the Features page.

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