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Legal expenses insurance modules in combination with other insurance policies

How do legal expenses insurance modules benefit you when combined with insurance policies that you may already have with ABN AMRO? We explain how this works and what you need to be aware of with the Traffic and Work and Income modules.

  1. The Traffic module in combination with a car insurance policy

    Below we detail the differences between traffic legal expenses with your car insurance and the legal expenses insurance Traffic module. 

    With traffic legal expenses, which forms part of your car insurance policy, you are covered for disputes relating to an insured car. It does not matter who was driving at the time the dispute arose. Also covered are conflicts with a BOVAG or FOCWA garage or an authorised car dealer. Coverage applies in the countries listed on the green card. 

    With the legal expenses insurance Traffic module, you and your family members are covered when you or they participate in traffic by car, bicycle, moped, as a pedestrian or on a boat. Coverage applies worldwide. The legal expenses insurance Traffic module thus provides cover for almost all forms of transport. Do you also want to insure disputes with a garage or car dealer? Then opt to also include the Consumer and Living module.

  2. The Work and Income module in combination with membership of a trade union

    When it comes to the Work and Income module, we regularly notice that customers are also members of a trade union. Trade unions provide assistance to members and employees who find themselves in a dispute. Trade unions often specialise in specific rights relating to a group of employees. The legal expenses insurance Work and Income module always focuses on a customer's personal situation. The Work and Income module also gives you the freedom to choose a lawyer and the option to arrange legal assistance yourself, in consultation.

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More information

More information on legal assistance is available on the ARAG website. You will find tips and detailed explanations about all kinds of legal issues there. Any other questions or are you currently in a legal dispute? Then call the ARAG Service Centre at +31 33 43 42 470 (on work days between 08.30 and 16.30). Only call outside office hours in case of an emergency. You will then be connected to ARAG's emergency centre.