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Everything you need to know about the Youth account

What is the Youth account (Jongerengroeirekening)?

The Youth account (Jongerengroeirekening) is a current and savings account for youths up to 18.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Jongerengroeirekening (pdf, 851kB)  (in Dutch)   
Below are the older Terms and Conditions:
Terms and Conditions Eurostylerekening Aug 2011 - Mar 2014 (pdf, 997kB)  (in Dutch)
Terms and Conditions Eurostylerekening Apr 2004 - Aug 2011 (pdf, 278kB)  (in Dutch)

Who is it for?

Youths up to 18. When your son or daughter turns 18, we will automatically convert the account to a free Student Package (Studenten Pakket). Your child's account number will not change.


The Youth account is free of charge.


The current interest rate for the Youth account (Jongerengroeirekening) is 0.10%. The interest rates for the Youth account (Jongerengroeirekening) are not fixed and subject to change at the bank's discretion.

The maximum interest that we state for our products is the annual equivalent rate, which includes every possible interest rate. This creates the 'interest on interest' effect. In the most favourable situation, the effect is as follows:

  • Interest is credited once a quarter.

  • Your child leaves all the money and the interest in the account.

  • The following quarter, your child will receive interest over the amount of money that is in the account and over the interest received in the previous quarter.

  • The following quarter, your child will receive interest again over the whole amount.

Withdrawals and payments

Your son or daughter can use the debit card to withdraw money and pay:

  • At an ATM (€150* maximum).

  • At a payment terminal (€ 150* maximum).

Internet Banking

Your child can also do his/her banking on the internet with the Youth account (Jongerengroeirekening). As parents, you can configure the Youth account (Jongerengroeirekening) to your son's or daughter's capabilities.

Can the account be overdrawn?

The Youth account (Jongerengroeirekening) cannot be overdrawn.

Is my money safe?

The Youth account (Jongerengroeirekening) is a product of ABN AMRO Bank N.V.  ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is subject to the deposit-guarantee scheme. For more information, see guarantee schemes or call 0900 - 81 70 (explanation of the rates).

Questions or advice?

Interested in finding out more about the Youth account (Jongerengroeirekening)? You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0900 - 81 70 (explanation of the rates).

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