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What does the Youth account offer your child?

Configure the Youth account to your child's capabilities

Children learn how to deal with money in their own time. ABN AMRO's Youth account (Jongerengroeirekening) is unique in the Netherlands and is specially designed for children that want to learn how to deal with money step by step. You configure the account to your child's capabilities and change the settings as soon as you feel your child can handle more.


What can your child do with the account?

Your child can use the account as both a checking account and a savings account. You determine whether your child can pay with a debit card or online. You can set the limit on the card to 0 or to any other amount you think is appropriate. You can also choose not to set a limit and do all of the payments online together with your child.

How much freedom do you think your child can handle?

Would you like your child to process payments in Internet Banking without your help? All you have to do is choose the appropriate setting. You can also configure the system so that your child can only transfer money after you have approved the transaction.


Receive a text or email for every transfer your child makes

Would you like to know when your child transfers money? You can configure Internet Banking to send you a text or email after each payment transaction your son or daughter creates. Your child can set an incoming transaction alert, for example, when his/her allowance is credited to the account.

Set a limit for the debit card

You can set a limit for the debit card for the Youth account (Jongerengroeirekening). For example, you can set the limit around your child's allowance. When the child is ready for more options, you can adapt the limit. In this way, the account grows with your child.


Configure the account in Internet Banking

You can configure the account to your son's or daughter's capabilities in Internet Banking.

If you don't use Internet Banking

You can still configure the options in the Youth account (Jongerengroeirekening) that you want your child to use.

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