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Payment packages

A package for everyone with EasyPay

Sound interesting? You can have an EasyPay package for as little as € 1.40. Each of the packages gives you a personal account, debit card and Internet and Mobile Banking. Compare the three packages and choose the one that fits your needs best. Need help? Use the package compare tool (in Dutch). Students can apply for the free Studenten Pakket. (Studenten Pakket).

From 1 July 2018, the fees for our payment packages and paper account statements will be changing. Check how these changes will affect you

BetaalGemak Standaard - betaalpas BetaalGemak Extra - creditcard BetaalGemak Max - goldcard
EasyPay Standard EasyPay Extra EasyPay Max
€ 1.40 per month € 3.15 per month € 5.80 per month
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Current account Current account Current account
Debit card Debit card Debit card
Internet Banking Internet Banking Internet Banking
Mobile Banking app Mobile Banking app Mobile Banking app
Second debit card € 1.58 (per month) Second debit card € 0.60 (per month) Second debit card (included)
Credit Card Gold Card
Extra Credit Card € 11.21 (per year) Extra Gold Card (included)
Extra current accounts Extra current accounts
25 payment alerts 25 payment alerts
33% discount on Stand-By Service Stand-By Service (included)
Interest on one current account
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You can reach the Preferred Banking Service Centre on 0800 - 0240 714 (toll free).

Contact your Preferred Banker at any time.