Open a joint account

Open a joint bank account 

Easy online

  • Takes ten minutes to complete the application
  • Google Pay or Apple Pay payment option
  • One account for all your expenses
Open your bank account
step 1: answer some questions step 2: confirm the application step 3: joint account is open
step 1: answer some questions

1. Answer some questions

Open the web form and indicate that you want to open a joint account. One of you can already log in via the web form, so that you do not have to fill in these details again. Make sure the co-applicant knows you are applying for the joint account. 

You fill in the co-applicant's contact details and check that everything is correct. If the information is correct, click 'Confirm application'.

step 2: confirm the application

2. Confirm the application

The agreement will be ready in the ABN AMRO app or Internet Banking within 3 working days. Once you have both digitally signed this agreement, the joint account is opened.

step 3: joint account is open

3. Your joint account is now open!

Everything sorted? Welcome! You will receive the debit cards by post within 5 working days. From now on, you and the co-applicant have a joint bank account and arrange joint banking matters through ABN AMRO. You can now apply for a joint savings account, insurance policy or credit card in a few simple steps.