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Open a joint account 

Through the ABN AMRO app 

  • Takes 10 minutes to complete the application
  • Google Pay or Apple Pay payment option
  • One account for all your expenses

You can identify yourself with a Dutch identity document, European identity document (with a few exceptions), international passport or an alien's document (type I, II, III, IV, V, EU/EEA or EU/EEA family member). Open an account with another identity document

Open your bank account
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1. Enter the contact details for you and your co-applicant

Open the web form and indicate that you want to open a joint account. Make sure the co-applicant knows you are applying for the joint account.

Enter your contact details first and check that everything is correct. If the information is correct, click 'Confirm application'. You will receive an email containing a unique code.

Opening screen ABN AMRO app

2. Download the ABN AMRO app

The co-applicant can download the ABN AMRO app. You will need this app for identification purposes. You can apply for a joint bank account through the ABN AMRO app if you both:

  • are 18 years old or older
  • have an official home address in the Netherlands
  • are liable to tax in the Netherlands

You can click the 'I have an access code' button and type the unique code you received by email into the ABN AMRO app.

step 2

3. Submit your proof of identity

You both need to identify yourself separately in the ABN AMRO app. This can be done by taking a photo of the identity document in the app.

Tips for making your photo:

  • Avoid glare and do not use the flash
  • Make sure your passport is within the frame
  • Use a dark background
step 3

4. Take a photo of yourself

You both need to take a photo of yourself separately so we can confirm that you are the person on the identity document.

Tips for making your photo:

  • Take the photo in a light environment
  • Make sure you do not have any backlight (e.g. from the sun behind you)
  • Hold the camera directly in front of your face
Step 5

5. You've sent your joint application!

We want to get to know you both better so that we can provide you both with the best service. That is why we ask you both to answer some final questions through the app.

We will check the information and start the process of opening a joint account for you. You will be updated on the status of your request by text message and email within four hours. If your application is approved, the message will also explain the next steps. Your joint account will soon be ready for use.

You will receive the debit cards within 5 working days. Once they have arrived, you can apply for a savings account, insurance policy or credit card in a few simple steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can open an account and submit your ID through the ABN AMRO app using the following forms of identification:

  • Dutch ID (identity card, driving licence or passport)
  • European identity card (except an identity card from Denmark, Greece, Iceland, Switzerland and Romania)
  • International passport (except United States passport)
  • Residence permit (type I, II, III, IV, V, EU/EEA or EU/EEA family member)

You can open an account and submit your ID through the website app using the following forms of identification:
  • Dutch ID (identity card, driving licence or passport)
  • International passport (except United States passport)
  • Residence permit (type I/IV)

Find out how to open a joint account through the website.

Have an identity document from the United States? Call to schedule an appointment.

After you upload your identity document, you will be asked to verify the details. You can change your name and date of birth if necessary. Your application may be rejected if the details cannot be properly verified. You can then restart the application.

Like all other banks, we are legally obliged to verify the identity of you and your co-applicant and to check that you can both become clients. This obligation is laid down in the Dutch Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act (Wwft). In doing so, we help prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

If you take a photo of an international identity card or driving licence, the app will not recognise it as ID. Try taking a photo of your passport. If this doesn't work either using the above tips, we'll be happy to help you over the phone. You can always call us.